Pulsar to Santa Fe

Our car needed replacing. Although running well, rust across the roof front caused issues replacing the windscreen a few months prior. The quick repair was estimated to last a year.

We planned to upgrade to a larger vehicle. Something with a bit more space for our family of four that could also tackle a trailer better than the Nissan Pulsar.

We began a financial diet to save for this purchase. Our funds were already stretched by the mortgage, so obtaining extra credit wasn’t an option. Calculating our rate of saving, we needed the car to survive for several more years.

Then the accident happened. Having prayed for safety on the road we departed our driveway. Our neighbour, doing likewise, backed into our car causing minor panel damage.

We had to replace our car. The insurance company decided it was cheaper to write it off than to repair it. This was the most money we could hope to obtain for the car, so we accepted that this was God’s timing. But we weren’t ready.

So began a stressful search online. Do we buy a cheap car and continue saving or could we afford an older SUV? Our budget allowed for a Holden Captiva, but their reliability was a concern.

How could we decide which vehicle to buy? We didn’t even know what type to look for. We prayed for God to guide our decision, after all, he knows the history of a car and its future also.

On Sunday, we visited a few car dealerships that happened to be open. We hoped to refine our search by asking for advice and viewing potential models.

On our way to a dealership, we spotted another one and spoke with this dealer first. Amongst other advice, he suggested looking for a Hyundai Santa Fe.

Continuing to our intended destination, the small yard appeared to have nothing suitable for us. Still, we chatted with the second dealer for some time.

He said he was currently driving a Santa Fe sporting some of the features we wanted. As we inspected it on the roadside, we discovered that it wasn’t his personal car and it was being prepared for sale in the yard. There was a dint to fix and detailing to do.

Expressing our interest, we proceeded to visit a third dealership. They highly recommended the Santa Fe model, saying they sell like hot cakes and having found one, we should go back and buy it.

We didn’t know how God would direct us in finding a car, but surely it couldn’t be clearer than this. He led us directly to a suitable vehicle. When we stopped too soon, he said keep going. When we went past, he said go back. The car had not been advertised so we would not have found it through our own searching.

We arranged for a test drive, not because we were undecided, but to learn more about our next car. We had expected to compromise on some features and were prepared to purchase interstate. Amazingly, located nearby, it had every feature we were seeking.

  • SUV
  • Diesel
  • 7 seats
  • Automatic
  • Towbar
  • Roof rack
  • Nudge or bull bar
  • Spotlights
  • White or silver
  • 2008 or later
  • 150,000 km or less
  • Within budget

While waiting for the dint repair and detailing, we sold our Pulsar for spare parts. Having filled the fuel tank one day before the insurance decision, we didn’t expect to use all the fuel. Yet two kilometres before dropping off the car, the fuel light came on.

After one more day, we drove the Santa Fe home, the purchase price being exactly equal to the insurance payout plus the sale of the Pulsar and our total savings.

We are blessed with God guiding in our lives and we look forward to what he has planned for us and the Santa Fe, which in Spanish means holy faith.

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